CardStudio software is a simple solution to design and print high-quality badges. Create professional ID cards, access control badges, retail and loyalty cards, student IDs or visitor badges on demand.

CardStudio software comes in 4 versions to answer the needs of all organizations:

  • Classic: get full-color design capabilities, design templates and template designer, and image acquisition features (VFW, TWAIN, WIA, DS, FILE).
  • Standard: this version connects to a Microsoft Excel database and supports 2D barcodes.
  • Enterprise: ideal for corporations and large enterprises.
  • Professional: with multi layout card designs, you will design stunning badges in minutes. This version connects to all databases and supports Gen 2 RFID UHF encoding and contactless smart card encoding.

With an intuitive interface and user-friendly features, CardStudio software offers great value to all users.

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Sale Price: $350.00
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Sale Price: $1325.00


CardStudio is available in 3 unique versions:

  • CardStudio Classic: this entry-level edition allows you to design and print basic photo IDs in a snap. Easy to use, CardStudio Classic comes with many design tools including image brightness and transparency. You can import images from your camera, scanner or TWAIN device. Perfect for low volume applications, CardStudio Classic is perfect for small organizations in need of an affordable design solution.
  • CardStudio Standard: CardStudio Standard software provides access to external MS Excel and CSV database files.  Its network print server (NPS) allows multiple workstations to print and encode cards. You can easily add 2D barcodes or encode magnetic stripe cards. 
  • CardStudio Professional: This version connects to all databases and offers advanced database features such as conditional layout printing.

Gen 2 RFID UHF encoding and contactless smart card encoding are supported.

CardStudio Professional also includes Signature panel, biometric management, and login security functionalities.


CardStudio ID software allows you to create any type of badges on demand.

  • ID cards: design and print high-quality ID cards for your employees, students or visitors and add the cardholder data on demand.
  • Access control badges: keep track of who enters and exits your premises with access control badges to secure your company, school or building.
  • Time & attendance badges: track your employees, visitors or students with durable badges.
  • Loyalty cards: boost your sales, create value for your existing customers and attract new clients with stunning loyalty cards.
  • Membership cards: print sharp membership cards to offer special incentives to your customers and facilitate access to your facility.
  • Event passes: pre-print event badges and customize them in seconds at your event.
  • Payment cards: pre-print store or bank cards and personalize them at your agency quickly and securely.
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