IDP ID Card Printers are affordable, easy-to-use and very secure.

  • Single or dual sided printing capabilities
  • Direct to card or retransfer ID Card Printers
  • Field-upgradable encoding options
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free shipping on all orders
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IDP ID card printers might be the most affordable printers on the market but they are also packed with unique features. Reliable and durable, the range of IDP ID card printers simply offers amazing value.

  • Smart-30S: Single Side Printer, entry-level printer with optional Ultra Violet Security.
  • Smart-50S: Single Side Printer, high-speed printing for high-output applications.
  • Smart-50D: Dual Side Printer, with high-speed printing for demanding applications.
  • Smart-50L: Dual Sided Laminating Printer, with patented Direct Lamination™ Technology for high-security applications.
  • Wise CXD80: Retransfer with optional Laminator, with over-the-edge Retransfer Printing Technology alternative (ABS, PET, etc.) card and high security applications.


IDP ID card printers are built to issue high-quality badges at an unbeatable cost per card. Before choosing your printer, consider these differences between Fargo ID card printers:

  • Direct-to-card printing vs. retransfer: IDP offers direct-to-card printers but for over the edge printing, consider the Wise CXD80 retransfer ID card printer. This printer offers unmatched print quality, even on uneven surfaces (proximity cards, smart cards, or pre-punched cards).
  • USB vs. Ethernet: All IDP ID card printers come with USB connection but if your printer will be on a network, optional Ethernet connectivity is available with all models.
  • Basic vs. encoding options: if you need to print and encode data on magnetic or smart cards, opt for a card printer with the right encoder. All IDP ID card printers offer optional encoding capabilities.
  • Basic vs. lamination: For highly-secure badges, check out the Smart 50L dual-sided laminating printer. Laminating your cards reduces the risk of counterfeiting and tampering while extending the lifespan of your cards. The Wise CXD80 Retransfer printer also comes with an optional laminator.


IDP ID card printers are used in all industries worldwide because they simplify any ID card program! Here is what an ID card printer can do for your organization:

  • ID cards: print high-quality ID cards for your employees, students or visitors and identify at a glance every person who belongs in your facility.
  • Access control badges: keep track of who enters and exits your premises with access control badges to secure your company, school or building.
  • Time & attendance badges: your ID card printer allows you to track your employees, visitors or students and even print a schedule on the back of your cards with a dual-sided model.
  • Loyalty cards: boost your sales, create value for your existing customers and attract new clients with stunning loyalty cards.
  • Membership cards: print sharp membership cards to offer special incentives to your customers and facilitate access to your facility.
  • Payment cards: Issue payment cards, gift cards, or IDs with cashless payment options thanks to your ID card printer.
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