Laminating ID Card Printers are built to issue highly secure cards and badges.

  • Single or dual sided printing and laminating capabilities
  • Increase durability and extend the lifespan of your cards.
  • Reduce the risk of counterfeiting, tampering, and duplication of your cards.
  • Choose from clear patches, holographic films or custom holograms.
  • Price match guarantee and free shipping on all laminating printers.
  • Refine By Brand:


Laminating ID card printers come in different models. You will find here a few tips to find the right card printer for your needs.

  • Direct-to-card printing vs. retransfer: direct-to-card laminating ID card printers are great to issue secure badges but for over the edge printing, choose retransfer printers. Retransfer laminating ID card printers provide unmatched print quality, even on uneven surfaces (proximity cards, smart cards, or pre-punched cards).
  • Windows vs. Mac: make sure that the laminating ID card printer that you choose is compatible with the operating system that you use, especially if you are using a brand new computer or if you are using a Mac.
  • Basic vs. encoding options: if you need to print and encode data on magnetic or smart cards, opt for a card printer with the right encoder. Most laminating ID card printers offer optional encoding capabilities.
  • Single vs. dual-sided lamination: laminating ID card printers offer single or dual-sided lamination modules. Some card printers with single-sided lamination can be upgraded to dual-sided lamination if needed.


Laminating ID card printers are equipped with a lamination module to add an extra layer of protection to your printed cards.

Laminating ID card printers can apply different types of laminates:

  • Clear laminates: a clear protective layer of 0.6 or 1.0 mil is applied to your printed cards.
  • Standard holographic laminates: choose laminates with holograms for added security as holograms are hard to duplicate.
  • Custom holographic laminates: instead of opting for a standard hologram that another company may also use, go for your own custom design. This option guarantees maximum protection to your cards.

Laminates can be patches or overlay. Patch laminates leave an unprotected border around the edge of your cards while overlay laminates cover the entire surface of your cards.


Laminating ID card printers are ideal to issue highly-secure, durable badges. They are already widely used for many applications:

  • Corporate: print secure ID cards for your employees and identify at a glance every person who belongs in your facility.
  • Education: laminated student IDs will help secure your school and control access to your premises.
  • Government: issue drivers’ licenses, voter IDs, first responder cards or secure IDs for government officials, employees and contractors.
  • Transportation: print secure badges for all workers of airports and ports to increase security.
  • Healthcare: identify your patients, doctors and staff with laminated ID cards for extra durability.
  • Payment cards: Issue secure payment cards, gift cards, or IDs with cashless payment options thanks to laminating ID card printer.

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