IDP Smart 51 Photo ID System

IDP Smart 51 Photo ID System

Item#: 651398K
Manufacturer: IDP
Retail Price: $2094.50


  • 300, 600 & 1200dpi with Edge-to-Edge Printing
  • Support of Transparent Cards
  • Removable Output Hopper & New Input Hopper
  • USB & Ethernet
  • Dual-sided printing option
  • Laminating option

What's Included

  • IDP Smart 51 ID Card Printer (Single or Dual Sided)
  • YMCKO Full-color, resin black and overlay panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 250 cards/roll
  • Long sleeve cleaning card kit for automatic cleaning (10pcs)
  • 100 PVC Cards
  • Smart Series Installation CD
  • USB Cable
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Optional: Microsoft LifeCam Camera
IDP's Smart-31 and Smart-51 Promo

IDP Smart 51 Photo ID System Description

Fast and Reliable ID Card Printer

IDP’s new SMART-51 is the next generation of its mid-range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART-51 inherits the most successful and proven elements of the SMART-50 series printer to ensure the reliability. The upgraded SMART-51 will provide the most appropriate card issuance experience.

Faster Card Issuance

SMART-51 is upgraded with 10% faster print speed compared to the former SMART-50 series ID Card Printer.

  • Up to 225 cards / hour for single-sided color prining. (YMCKO, Back-side out mode)

Reliable Card Printer

SMART-51 is equipped with the Metal Frame body for the printing engine making sure to maintain long-lasting hardware structure and stable card printing quality.


Optional physical lock can be used to secure the cards in the input hopper, ribbon and laminate film. Kensington lock slot can be equipped as an option.

User-friendly features

  • SMART-51 offers a larger card loading capacity up to 200 cards with its cover opened.
  • Removable back-side stacker (*Option) can stack up to 100 cards with faster printing speed.
  • Field upgradable back-side Flipper (for dual-sided printing) and Laminator (for dual-sided printing & laminating) can be easily installed.
  • SMART-51 can print on transparent cards with magnetic stripe.
  • Front-side Magnetic stripe encoding is supported.
  • The sleek modern appearance of the SMART-51 is a great addition to any desk.

IDP Smart 51 Photo ID System Specifications


  • Print Mode: Single Sided / Dual Sided
  • Print Type: Direct Dye-Sublimation
  • Print Area: Edge to Edge
  • Resolutions: 300dpi (Color & Mono), 600 & 1200dpi (Mono only)
  • Dual Side Printing: Option (with Flipper)


  • Card Feeding: Automatic
  • Card Size: ISO CR80 or ISO CR79 (Option-Factory installed)
  • Card Thickness: 0.38mm (15mil) ~ 1.0mm (40mil)
  • Card Type: PVC, PET, Composite PVC


  • Monochrome: 5 sec./card (720 cards/hour)
  • YMCKO: Max. 17 sec./card (212 cards/hour)
  • YMCKOK (Dual Sided printers): Max. 22 sec./card (164 cards/hour)

LAMINATING (For Laminating Printer)

  • Mode: Single & Dual
  • Film (Clear & Holographic): 0.6mil, 1.0mil
  • Speed (Simultaneous): 22 sec./card (YMCK, Single Lamination)
  • Speed (Simultaneous): 32 sec./card (YMCKK, Single Lamination)
  • Speed (One by One): 43 sec./card (YMCK, Single Lamination)
  • Speed (One by One): 53 sec./card (YMCKK, Single Lamination)


  • Input Hopper: Card: 100 Cards / 200 Cards with cover open
  • Output Hopper: Card: Front : 40 Cards / Rear : 100 Cards (Optional Rear-side Stacker)


  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Interface: 2 Line LCD / 2 LED Buttons
  • Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7/ 8 /10, Mac OS, Linux
  • Communication:USB, Ethernet, WiFi (Option)
  • Power Supply: Free Voltage (AC 100/ 220V, 50~60Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 48W / 96W (Laminating Printer)
  • Temperature: 15~35℃
  • Humidity: 35~70%


  • Physical Lock: Input Hopper & Ribbon (Option)
  • Station Itself: Kensington Lock (Option)


  • Milimeter: 
    • Single: 165 (W) x 390 (L) x 210 (H)
    • Dual: 165 (W) x 498 (L) x 210 (H)
    • Laminating: 165 (W) x 675 (L) x 210 (H)
  • Inch: 
    • Single: 6.5 (W) x 15.4 (L) x 8.3 (H)
    • Dual: 6.5 (W) x 19.6 (L) x 8.3 (H)
    • Laminating: 6.5 (W) x 26.6 (L) x 8.3 (H)


    • Single: 4.5 kg/ 10 lbs
    • Dual: 5.2 kg/ 11.5 lbs
    • Laminating: 8.8 kg/19.4 lbs (Approx)


  • Magnetic: ISO 7811 (Track I, II, III Read/ Write, HiCo/ LoCo), JIS II
  • Contact: ISO 7816 A/B/C Card, ISO 7816 1/2/3/4 Microprocessor Card
  • Contactless: ISO 14443 (Type A/ B), MIFARE, DESFIRE, iCLASS, ISO 18092(NFC), Felica


  • Certifications: CB, CE, FCC, KC, CCC



The IDP Smart 51 Photo ID System features a 3-year warranty on printer and 2-year warranty on printhead.

Protect your investment with our extended warranty plans.


All our extended warranty plans include:

  • Toll-free technical support

    Call 800-897-7024 Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 5pm or chat with us.

  • Parts and labor

    All parts and labor are included. Printheads are not covered after the first year.

  • Optional printer loaner

    We will send you a loaner while we service your printer so you can keep printing your badges.

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